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ARM-M7 - Worried about STM32Cube stability (chaos imminent?)

Question asked by afonso.luis.002 on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by John F.
Hi everyone,

So I am pretty new with the STM32 MCUs and following good advise I am using the standard peripheral library - nothing is more frustrating than driver bugs.
The only problem so far is that little compiled HMTL for the F0 had for some reason the timer functions in the modules index (weird). But the source files are so well commented that I use them instead.

But now the ARM-M7, the STM32F7. The only driver library is on the STM32Cube. For what I've head there are some bugs in the other families libraries and I am worried about that.

I come to ask for more experienced users opinion on the cube at this moment (the F7 and other families). I want to keep using the standard library (though I really liked the MX) but then I will have a different library for the M7!
F4 codes in Standard Peripheral library are for the most part lost no?