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How to DIY an Air Condition Monitor and Access anywhere and anytime

Question asked by chen.mark.003 on Jun 22, 2015
Function description: Utilize a wifi-microcontroller (e.g., Arduino yun, Raspbery Pi or IntoRobot Atom) to collect data from multi-sensor like temperature/humidity sensor, illumination sensor, dust sensor, and meanwhile display processed information to the OLED.
Components: OLED(display), DHT11(Temperature/Humidity sensor), GY30(illumination sensor), GP2Y1010AU0F(dust sensor), a USB power supply, some Dupont lines, a assembly base and an IntoRobot-Atom Wifi-DUAL-CPUs-board.
Step1: Connect the OLED to IntoRobot-Atom (IA). The onboard 3.3v power on IA can be used to drive the OLED. The other pin-connections are D0(DC), D1(RST), D2(SDA), and D3(SCL), where the pins in the parantheses are those on the OLED. Check whether it works by download a “Air monitor” program from the online programming platform.
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Step2: Connect the DHT11 sensor to IA. The onboard 5V power on IA can be used to drive the sensor. The data pin of DHT11 is connected to the D15 of IA.
Step3: Connect the GY30 to IA, with the 3.3v power supply on the IA. Because GY30 is of I2C connection, connect the SDA and SCL pins to the D8 and D9 of IA respectively.
Step4: Connect the GP2Y1010AU0F to IA. GP2Y1010AU0F is dust sensor which can be bought easily. Power the sensor with the 3.3v supply on IntoRobot-Atom. You need to connect a 220uf capacitor and a resistor. For details, please refer to the specification. The VO pin is connected to IA’s A2, and LED is connected to IA’s D19.
Step5: Fix the components on the assembly base as your will.
Step 6: Register and login to the IntoRobot Website. Enter into the online programming tab, and fork the air condition monitor program. Compile online and download to the IA. And now, you can access your DIY air condition monitor anywhere and anytime. Enjoy!
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Maybe you are interested in a demo I have built:
If you want to more technical details, please don't hesitate to contact me chy at intorobot dot com