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STM32F4 SPI - RXNE never gets asserted.

Question asked by Kedest on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2015 by Clive One

I am debugging the SPI interface on the STM32F427 for a while now. I am using SPI1 and SPI2. SPI1 works just fine, I am able to transmit and receive data just fine. Now I am struggling to get SPI2 to work fully.

I can see SPI2 clock on the bus and data on MISO and MOSI lines. RXNEIE even gets asserted but RXNE never does.

Reading the manual I could confirm that :
-RXNEIE set means that the receive buffer is not empty
-RXNE set means that data were transferred from the shift registerto the Rx buffer.

What am I missing here? What usually causes the data sitting on the receive buffer to be not valid?

I am not sure what my next step debugging should be. Any suggestion is more than welcome.