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No SMBus support for STM32L1xx?

Question asked by dziengeleski.seth on Jun 15, 2015
I was surprised when configuring an I2C peripheral on my STM32L152QEH based design and realized that there was no support for SMBus?  After selecting either SMBus-alert-mode or SMBus-two-wire-Interface on the pinout tab CubeMX reports "Warning: STM32CubeMX does not support the configuration of this IP's mode.  You can configure it only manually." when I attempt to edit the configuration for the IP on the configuraiton tab.  Not only that, but the HAL library seems to be devoid of SMBus functionality entirely.  Is this something that will be remedied in the future?

I'm currently running STMCubeMX v4.8.0 with Firmware Package for STM32L1 v1.2.0.