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STM32CubeMX ETH PHY IRQ handler

Question asked by peeters.bram on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by Michael Steinecke

I was looking into how the generated code for an STM32F427 (with eth and lwip enabled) deals with ethernet status change events (network cable plug in/out, speed changes, ...). I could not find a polling loop, but in ethernetif.c. in low_level_init, there is a section where PHY interrupts are enabled (cfr "Configure PHY to generate an interrupt when Eth Link state changes "). However I cannot find any trace of a handler for this interrupt or where it is configured via which pin the phy interrupt is connected to the processor. Since there are no configuration options for this in the STM32CubeMX tool either, i am starting to suspect that this functionality is missing but on the other hand it is weird that the phy interrupt part is covered ?

Any suggestions ?