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Nucleo Board + IAR -> Can I get Data logging?

Question asked by afonso.luis.002 on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Witte
Hi everyone,

I have a STM32F072B Nucleo board (*** knows why, should have listen to good advises -.-) and IAR Workbench with the 32Kb code limit version. V7.40.

In an attempt to get more familiar with IAR tools I was looking for ways to monitor data in a graphic and monitor code execution cycles.
So I tried to use the tools under "ST-Link".

First what it seemed easier. Data logging. I configured the SWO to know the target is at 48Mhz and the SWO clock to 2000Khz. Opened the data log window, added the variable I wanted and waited... for nothing. There is no data getting into the graph.

I am not sure if I did anything wrong, all my drivers are installed, I tried also using the SWO trace (after some messing arround with the config) and nothing happens.
Could this be because of the dam Nucleo board or am I doing something wrong?

Help is really appreciated as I tried for quite a while to search for info on this but it seems everything I am doing is correct (obviously there is something wrong with either my steps or the board)