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Header Pins that are free on stm32f407vgt6 board.

Question asked by phillips_jr..clyde on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by phillips_jr..clyde
My hardware guy tells me that most of the SOC peripherals don't make it out to the header pins on this board. He says they are tied up with board supported peripherals.

1) In general is this true? Is this board designed to allow external hobbyist bread boarding, where one plays with the internal periphs like counter/timers, gpio, etc?

2) Where are the "actually available" connections documented.

3) Here is the list of what we need...

I have done a serial uart loopback test already so I though that part was good but he says one the boards push-button is connected and just not interferring....
1. 32 bit timer frequency input
2. One capture pin for the 32 bit timer chosen. 
3. A divider (by 32000) that can use the input from the 32 bit timer
4. An output pin for that divider
5. A UART I/O 2 pins
6. An I2C I/O  2 pins
7. Two GP input pins.
He told me:
I can't find it. (them)

Thanks in advance!