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Simulink: Using toolchain approach to build generated code for stm32

Question asked by badurkar.abhijeet on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by reynaud.pascal

I have installed STM32-MAT software and trying to generate and build code for STM32F4-Discovery. When I build model, it gives an error that it is not able to find any toolchain. This problem occurs because there is no option in code generation to choose toolchain. STM32.tlc file has been chosen as system target file.

I found in help of simulink the way one can configure toolchain approach to build code. For that in simulink one has to go to Analysis--> Upgrade Advisor-->"Check and update model to use toolchain approach to build generate code" and update model. If that is done, toolchain option will be available in code generation. I also tried that but it did not work. It gave error as "Reference to non-existent field 'Params'.

Please see the attached images to get more idea about this problem.

Does anyone have idea about how this issue can be solved?