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Question asked by dida.martin on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by dida.martin
Hi everybody.

I have similar problem, I already wrote here. In the past I wrote here, that when I tried to lock set pins on GPIOA channel, but System Viewer Windows showed mi that LCKR register of given pins of GPIOA are not set. Right now I have very similar problem. When I do ADC conversion on ADC1 channel1, I set the bit ADSTART of ADC1 CR register by using function
ADC_StartOfConversion(ADC1) it should set ADSTART bit and the System Viewer Windows should show me that bit is set. But it doesn't do. Fun is this, that it works even though. Conversion starting, then DMA channel writes value to the area of data memory and everything works. But I would like to know. What can be problem, that the bit ADSTART is not set in System Viewer Windows? Can it be bug of uVision 4 lite studio or my stm32f0 discovery board? I debug it through ST-LINK debugger. I already tried to load value of CR register into the variable, but the result is the same, when I look at the variable in watch window it shows me, that the ADSTART bit is not set.

Thanks for your help.