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STM32F4-Discovery lwIP compilation errors

Question asked by Roussos.Giannis.001 on Jun 5, 2015
I have a STM32F4 Discovery + DM-STF4BB and I want to try lwIP on it. I have SW4STM32 installed and I am trying to create a new project through the wizard, using STM32Cube HAL, and lwIP, with and without FreeRTOS.
I have tried many different project creation settings but haven't been able to compile any project succesfuly.
The problems arise from various header files in the stm32f4discovery_hal_lib project that include other header files that either do not exist (eg. "config.h" included in Middlewares\Third_Party\LwIP\test\unit\lwip_check.h) or are located in the wrong path (eg. "lwip/ip_addr.h" included in Middlewares/Third_Party/LwIP/src/netif/etharp.c)

I have also been trying to find a ready made lwip project for the F4-Discovery I could just import into SW4STM32, but the Projects/STM32F4-Discovery folder does not have any such project.

So, is there an easy way to test lwIP on my dev boards?