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STM32F4 Discovery "No Target Connected" Error, After 6 month using

Question asked by alfiansyah.muhammad on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by alfiansyah.muhammad
i've used stm32f4discovery boards for over 6 month in my IMU Projects. it works fine during that time.

And suddenly It shows error "No Target Connected" when i tried to program the chip (via debug) like as always. The keil recognized the STlink but it read no target connected. 

All Jumper fine, and no broken PCB trace in swd connection between STlink and the microcontrollers. My boards is "A" silicon revision, so i'm sure it has nothing to do with "Z revision Problem".

What should i do? i'm struggling for over 1 month to solve this issue. Thx, any repplies will be very appreciated. :D