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lwip UDP disable CRC

Question asked by jacob.ariel on May 31, 2015
I am looking for an overhead free solution for UDP data streaming.

Today I am able to stream UDP data from SPI->DMA->MEM->ETH, using pbuf by Ref:

    TaskUdpStreamErr = netbuf_ref(buf, dataPointer, TASK_UDP_STREAM_PACKET_SIZE);
    // dataPointer is filled by the DMA and shared with the with other tasks
The issue is that I want to add a one byte header to the UDP packet, but I want to avoid copying from one memory to another AND I want to avoid packet fragmentation.
so I tried this hack:

    TaskUdpStreamErr = netbuf_ref(buf, dataPointer, TASK_UDP_STREAM_PACKET_SIZE + 1);
    buf->p->flags = 0x80 | (i << 5) | ci;
    -- And in the low_level_output():
    if (q->flags & 0x80)
        *((uint8_t*)buffer + bufferoffset) = q->flags;
        bufferoffset += 1;
        byteslefttocopy -= 1;

Problem is that it will fail on the CRC...
1. Is there a way to disable the CRC? is it a valid solution?
2. What other solution do you suggest?