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USB VCP WIn7 driver has problems with 1024 byte payload

Question asked by adib on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by qwer.asdf

I am using the latest Windows driver from 1.4 package. I am Working on Windows7-64bit. However it tells version 1.3.1.
My Project is based on CubeMx USB CDC.

My Problem is when I sent a payload with size power_of_2 then the driver does not forward data to PC application.
I sent from uC CDC device 1024 byte - nothing happens in terminal program
then I sent 3 bytes from device - then the PC driver delivers the 1024 Byte as well as the 3 Byte to the application.

Can anybody confirm this behaviour?
Is there any workaound? - probably to split the payload when detected critical size combination.