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CMSIS: DSP Lib - Frequency Bin Example

Question asked by rsp.rsp on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by rsp.rsp
Estimated colleagues,

following I explain the strange behavior:
  •     I am working the STM32F407 ARM processor,
  •     compiling with the GNU Tools ARM (4_9-2014q4) ,
  •     use the HAL provided by STM32CubeF4 v1.5.0,
  •     using the DSPLib provided CMSIS Version 1.4.4 2014/07/31 ,
  •     UPDATE 2015-05-22:    I also tried this with the last MDK-ARM version (uVIsion V5.14.0.0) and the provided CMSIS/DSP_Lib examples and the STM32F4-Discovery board and found the same effect.

During testing my board with the "Frequency Bin Example" provided with the DSP Lib I found following effects:

A) The example test program provided by CMSIS works fine. That is testIndex equals to refIndex (which is 213) and goes to infinite loop.
B) But when I modify the program e.g. with a while() in order to execute cyclically like this and extern variables...
void main(void)
  arm_status status;
  float32_t maxValue;

       status = ARM_MATH_SUCCESS;
       /* Process the data through the CFFT/CIFFT module */
       arm_cfft_f32(&arm_cfft_sR_f32_len1024, testInput_f32_10khz, ifftFlag, doBitReverse);
       /* Process the data through the Complex Magnitude Module for
       calculating the magnitude at each bin */
       arm_cmplx_mag_f32(testInput_f32_10khz, testOutput, fftSize);
       /* Calculates maxValue and returns corresponding BIN value */
       arm_max_f32(testOutput, fftSize, &maxValue, &testIndex);
       if(testIndex !=  refIndex)
         status = ARM_MATH_TEST_FAILURE;

the program throws ARM_MATH_TEST_FAILURE the second time.

C) If I define testInput_f32_10khz[] as a constant array on the flash then the program throws ARM_MATH_TEST_FAILURE always.

The problem does not have to do with the bit reversal problem of old versions (so much as I could see from other discussions).
I am using the sources not the library (because only the ARM library is provided with STMCube.
Why is a wrong calculation the second time?
Is this an initialization problem?
Hopefully someone can help me or give me some tip.

Thank you in advance!.
PS: I posted this in the ARM Community ten days ago without any answer (