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can "one pulse mode" in timer be used to trig other timers?

Question asked by jones.david.009 on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by mhiri.nesrine
i want to make two pulses tdelay1 and tdelay2 with different pulse width after rising edge of an external signal(let's name it sync pulse) also i want to calculate starting time of many signals
so i decide to use timers as a master and slave

the best way that is in my mind is to use two timers(channel1 and channel2 in both timers because as i understand OPM is working in just channel 1&2 one as capture input and the other as pwm output) in one pulse mode to make those two signals and i also want to calculate starting time and pulse width of 6 signals based on Synced signals
i also want to use just one interrupt in each cycle. and because of that i use a channel for rising edge and a channel for falling edge to calculate my desire.
so i want to use those two timers as master to other timer(slave reset of the other)
can  OPM be Master?
can Other OPM Channel Except 1 & 2 be used as input capture?