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Suggestion: Change the name of the generated code directories and main.c

Question asked by Andrei Chichak on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Andrei Chichak
Dear ST,

I'd like to give a bit of feedback now that I've worked with STM32CubeMX for a while.

Since CubeMX is really generating HAL code, what do you think of having CubeMX put the generated code into a directory called hal instead of src?

Also, since I want to have control over what is in my main.c file, could CubeMX put the startup code into something like cube_init.c? Or something else, but not main.c.

It's small, but I'd rather use my 35 years of experience to determine the structure of my directories (I put MY source into a directory called src these days, and I put bible code that isn't linted for MISRA compliance, into a separate directory). MY code starts at main() according to C, your code gets called since it is library code.

It would be nice if the directories didn't have to be generated where the ioc file lives. The ioc file is more of a hardware file and EEs would like to throw them in with their Altium files instead of the software files.

It's kinda like having your code fit in to my/our way of working rather than me/us fitting into your code structure.

That's what I've noticed, a couple of sharp edges that get in the way.

Just a thought.

Andrei from The Great White North