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IntoRobot Launches the Open-Source Dual-CPU Core for IoTs and Robotics

Question asked by chen.mark.003 on May 18, 2015
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IntoRobot, an experienced team of more than 20 faculty members and engineers, is going to release an open research platform, the Atom,by far the world's smallest open-source dual-CPU for IoTs and robotics. Following its motto “Let Atom be your private Engineer”, IntoRobot offers to help people who do not have a lot of knowledge about hardware, software or programming, to make their own complex IoT devices and robots; Atom is also designed to help people quickly build prototypes of their intelligent products. The cloud platform and all basic services are life-time free of charge. IntoRobot will launch Atom’s Kickstarter campaign SOON.

The Atom,with the complex hardware and software details wrapped, is quite simple to operate through a friendly Web-interface. It allows you to connect devices in your dayly life, such as your flowerpot, aquarium,door, sockets, or induction cooker to the Internet very easily. You can monitor and control your devices in real-time wherever you are.Many interesting events, like home invasion, temperature overheating,gas leak or predefined timer, can be simply configured and automatically triggered through Atom;once triggered, the corresponding actions will be automatically processed. The alert messages can then be sent to inform you through your email, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat or Twitter. The operations are performed through easy-use and fabulous graphical interfaces, without programming even a single line of code. Furthermore, to help you quickly start on Atom,plentiful instances and samples are also supplied. These are only the basic functions, but we promise that you will discover many more.

All easy-and-friendly functions above are designed based on Atom's highly-integrated hardware and software technologies, as well as the stable and safe server IntoRobot Cloud.


    The    Atom,    small but powerful, integrates with a WiFi-router module and two    high-performance processors, one 72Mhz Stm32 MCU and one 600Mhz    Linux-embedded CPU. Not only Arduino programming language, but also    Python, Node.js, PHP, Lua, Ruby, etc. are supported in the Atom.    For quick development, both Arduino-compatible and Linux development    environments are well-designed with friendly interfaces. All these    features are designed and being strengthened, aiming to increase the    efficiency while decreasing the learning cost.    




    The    IntoRobot    Cloud,    free and open, is a flexible and powerful platform designed to    assist Atom    to build applications for the Internet of Things and Robots.    Everything in the platform is rigorously considered and well    designed to ensure the security, stability, quickness, and high    concurrence. The IntoRobot    Cloud    helps you build simpler, faster, and stable projects which you can    monitor and control in real-time wherever you are. Moreover, the    platform enables you to share your device with your friends easily    and safely; meanwhile it also provides you a quick and precise    search engine to spot on and “like” others’ devices.




It is worth noting that fabulous control widgets, still being enriched by the IntoRobot Team, are customized in the IntoRobot Cloud for data and control visualization. Every widget is built with artistic design, and we believe you will love them at your first glance and hard to part with them. As graphical user interfaces,these control widgets make the inexplicable sensor-data and controls so intuitive and visualized. For your convenience, all the available control widgets are supported simultaneously for smart-phone Apps and common Web-browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Despite of widgets, the IntoRobot Cloud is designed with a trigger configuration system where IFTTT can be easily set up by dragging and connecting event and control icons.With these components, a completely programming-free development environment is built to release you from learning lots of hardware and software knowledge.

A friendly forum is also provided to the Atom users, where they can share their experience and communicate with each others. You can also find the relevant updates, news and information for activities as well as many hand-on samples and tutorials.

Hope you enjoy the IntoRobot Atom and the future products!

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