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Example converting problem

Question asked by K A on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by K A

I am new to ST microcontrollers, just maybe 2 weeks ago I accidentally found about this
crazy chip (STM32F4) and now i am already playing with it.

I am interested in the I2S hardware and audio processing, so i first flashed the audio
example. All works fine, then installed Attolic and tried to compile, but off course was
not possible. So after lots of reading I have decided to use CooCox IDE.

All working and running, just have a problem with converting the Audio Playback
example to the CoIDE(MEDIA_IntFLASH configuration).

All files are added, dependencies fixed, so when the compiled image is flashed to the
board - the green led on start is ok, then the blue is blinking. The pause button works
as expected, also the MEMS sensor input is processed all right.But there is no sound
on the output.

The things i have suspected for the problem and i fixed:

- the SystemInit() call missing in the C startup file - done
- the correct value of the external cristal changed from 25 Mhz to 8 Mhz
- MEDIA_IntFLASH added to defines in the Configuration so relevant parts are

It seems next step is to add some debug print and go through init functions, attach
the scope, etc. But was just wondering if i am missing something obvious and somebody
has been there already and save me from hours debugging. Thank you!

BR, Chris