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Error Message "Unknown Target Connected"

Question asked by moreira.luis.001 on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by li.linda.001
Hi Guys,
I have been playing with my STM32F4Discovery board for a few weeks now using the provided programs, but now I wrote one of my own and can not get it to work.
I am using some of the files form the IO_Toogle example, the program is compiling and Linking fine with no errors at the end. I have selected the STM32F407VG as the target.
When I try to load or even erase I get this error message: "Unknown Target Connected". same if I try to initiate a debug session.
When I try to run the original IO_Toggle program, it loads and runs perfectly.
I am at a loss here...
Any Help will be much appreciated, as I am pulling my hair out.
Best Regards