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STM32F429I-DISCO Java Demonstration

Question asked by tarekb Employee on May 15, 2015
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Games in Java, called STM32-JAVA-GAMES, is a graphical Java demonstration built for STM32F429 Discovery kit (32F429IDISCOVERY) and developed with STM32Java (STM32-JAVA).

This demonstration includes a Java application layer developed with STM32Java and a complete Board Support Package Layer for STM32F429 Discovery kit with an MDK-ARM project based on STM32CubeF4.

The demonstration is composed of three games : Puzzle ,2048 and Labyrinth.

  • Puzzle is a simple sliding puzzle game.
  • 2048 is the famous game originally developed by the web developer Gabriele Cirulli.
  • Labyrinth is the classic game where the player controls a steel ball by tilting the board.
Demonstration binaries and sources are available here.