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STM8L: Command line execution of IAR Workbench program with parameters.

Question asked by atom on Nov 10, 2016
Hi All,

     I'm doing a project on STM8L micro controller. I have written a program in IAR Workbench which alters the value of the data memory in the STM8L EEPROM. I would like to run the same IAR Workbench program from command line. It should take an argument which is an input for the program to run.  The specific use is to write the data memory of STM8L EEPROM with the specified command line input value. (I want it to function like GCC command line argument.)

     I have gone through IarBuild.exe but I couldn't make use of it to implement this as there is not much documentation available in the public domain (or did I miss something?). It would be wonderful if someone who has worked in similar lines could give me an insight. (Sorry for the grammar mistakes and thank you in advance).