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STemWin - ALPHA_Bargraph - Draw alpha effect not working

Question asked by K A on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2015 by K A

I have managed to compile and run the stm32cubef4 libs, together with STemWin V5.26. I use the STM324x9I-Eval board with MB1046B display board. I can run all the included examples, plus the sample available on the Segger site.

The one i try to use in my project is ALPHA_Bargraph. It seems to run fine, with the
exception of the 'Draw alpha effect':

Rect.x0 = xPos;
  Rect.x1 = xPos + 3;
  Rect.y0 = yPos;
  Rect.y1 = yPos + 122;
  GUI_FillRoundedRect(xPos, yPos, xPos + 172, yPos + 122, 4);
  GUI_FillRect(xPos + 4, yPos + 1, xPos + xBlend, yPos + 122 - 1);

Commenting out the above code seems to speed up the displaying of the bar elements, but when enabled i don't see the blue rectangle that moves in the foreground when i run the Windows executable for this sample.

I have tried to check the configuration values, increase the available RAM for the library, etc, with no luck.

Here some of those settings:

#define GUI_NUMBYTES  (1024) *  1024
unsigned long *mem = (unsigned long *)0xC0000000;
GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemory(mem, GUI_NUMBYTES);
#define GUI_NUM_LAYERS            2
#define GUI_OS                                (0)
#define GUI_SUPPORT_TOUCH       (0)
#define GUI_SUPPORT_MOUSE             (0)
#define GUI_WINSUPPORT                (1)
#define GUI_SUPPORT_MEMDEV            (1)
#define GUI_SUPPORT_DEVICES           (1)
define XSIZE_PHYS 480
#define YSIZE_PHYS 272

#define NUM_BUFFERS  2 /* Number of multiple buffers to be used */
#define NUM_VSCREENS 1 /* Number of virtual screens to be used */

#define GUI_NUM_LAYERS 2

#define LCD_LAYER0_FRAME_BUFFER  ((int)0xC0200000)
#define LCD_LAYER1_FRAME_BUFFER  ((int)0xC0400000)

Maybe there is an extra configuration somewhere i have missed ? Thank you.

Regards, Chris