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Setting up the programming environment for STM8s003f3P6?

Question asked by sagar.shivank on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Ian Legg
i am learning to program in embedded C by myself and i have bought an stm8s003f3P6 microcontroller and  a STLINKV2 programmer to program device and i under i can use STVISUAL DEVELOPE code or IAR EMBEDDED WORKBENCH but still i am not able to wrap my head around about which is the best and simple enviroment to use like atmel studio for atmel devices. I have experience with atmel devices and i am able to program them but i am not able to understand st just yet. 

Please if somebody could guide me the way to program stm8s003f3p6 device from scartch or could point me to an useful tutorial . that would be very kind of you .thank you