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connection failed - u4vision

Question asked by raminee.jaminee on Oct 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2012 by fm
I am new to all this so please bear  with me.
I have just received a STM32 Discovery board (ARMz32F100) and I setup the u4vision from Keil and the DISCOVER example code form STM. 

But I get failures when I try to download to Flash. It seems the u4vision is not seeing the board.

I can see a red light on the board but that is just about it. No other actions. 
The windows does not complain when I connect the board via USB so I assume the drivers are OK. 

How can I figure out what is wrong ??
Is there a step to step guide on the setup procedures ?
I think it maybe a driver issue but who knows.