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Configuration of Option bytes in source code, Cosmic

Question asked by zanca.dalibor on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by luca
is it possible to specify Options bytes in source file ?
I mean something similar to what I use with Microchip PIC18 (in .c files):
#pragma config  WDT = ON          // WDT Enabled
#pragma config  WDTPS = 256     // Watchdog prescaler 1:256
#pragma config  CP0 = ON          // Program memory is code-protected
#pragma config  IESO = OFF          // Two-Speed Start-up disabled
#pragma config  FOSC = HS          // HS oscillator

or with Microchip PIC16 (in .asm files):

I have found only one method yet, which is via STVD->Tools->Programmer->OPTION BYTE
This is very clumsy, I would like to provide customer a single .s19 file that contains everything.