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STM8S003 registry access

Question asked by babaei.hossein on Oct 5, 2016

Our company as an electronic engineering company is willing to use your products specifically STM8S003.

For more than 12 years we have used Atmel products and have lots of experiences on it.

Beginning with your STM8S003 we faced lack of accessibility to the registries. Let me explain more, we want to use the internal 16MHz oscillator and add / minus 1 MHz. This can be easily done in Atmel ICs by calibrating the registry and even in more values, but in your STM8S003, only a single parameter exists, CLK_HSITRIMR register, which it can change MAX. 0.5% frequency. This is not enough at all.

It seems that you also should have factory pre-set registry for oscillator calibrating. In order to solve the problem how could we access to it? How could we change it?