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GDB Source Code?

Question asked by HaJo on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by marton.miklos

Hi !

Several years ago, the source of GDB was availabe as a download from ST (found in the forum, but not available anymore). I think nobody achieved to get the debugger running in Eclipse due to the missing MI interface yet.

The STM8 is still a great product (and will ever be) but it is not possible to use GDB7 outside STVD. ST did not update the code since years.

And ST does not provide the (old and former downloadable) source anymore. Why? I also did not get the code on request.

We are buying ST72, STM8 and STM32 for more than 12 years now! I still have to use STVD for debugging with STLINK (I know Raisonnance of course).

I will stick to COSMIC in any case. Presently I code in Eclipse with all available plugins (egit, Bugzilla etc.) with some workarounds (suppress the parser @-issue), auto compile on save and then debug with STVD with the same sources in the workspace. It works fine because I am used to it...
We use Atollic and STLINK for STM32, perfect. Why does ST not provide a working debugger for STM8 with SWIM??

STM8 is a highrunner. But the IDEs with debugging support are oldskool due to lack of features. 

I would like to get the source to implement the missing MI in GDB since ST does not do it.

Any suggestions? Any source code available?