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STM32F429 Audio USB with CubeMX

Question asked by krefta.krzysztof on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by krefta.krzysztof

I have a quick question, and I cannot find answer anywhere on the web (including Reference Manual for MCU). I'm preparing for a new project, picking master unit, where one of most important feature is USB audio input (and if possible output). I already know that M3 based devices have too small buffers to run 96 khz / 24 bit so I went for STM32F429 (yeah, I know go big or go home, but I need extra SDRAM) with external PHY for max speed avaliable. 

However when I try to configure middleware with CubeMX for Audio Class with 96000 Sa/s i tells me that maximum frequency is limited to 48 ksa/s. Is it cubemx bug or usb core is really incapable of 24bit/96Khz mono input?

/edit: I suppose it is CubeMX bug, therefore I posted in this forum.