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Question asked by serao.pietro on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by serao.pietro
Good morning, i'm working with a stm32F0-Discovery board (cortex M0), i need to change the PWM pin from PA8 (using TIM1) to PC8 (using TIM3), but there is a problem because it works wrong.

In the following codes i highlight the changed lines
the working code (with TIM1/PA8) is the "START CODE" attached file
and the chaged code is "NEW CODE" attached file.

The effect is that if i press the user button (PA0), then on  PC8 pin i see a PWM with about 95% dutycyle, and if PA0 is not pressed then there are nothing on PC8 pin.

Can you help me please?