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STM8/128 Board CAN messages pending in mailbox

Question asked by ravichandar.rina_rac on Jul 1, 2016
my fCPU is16MHz.

In order to get 500K baudrate, I have programmed as follows:

CAN_SynJumpWidth = CAN_SynJumpWidth_1TimeQuantum;
 CAN_BitSeg1 = CAN_BitSeg1_8TimeQuantum ;
 CAN_BitSeg2 = CAN_BitSeg2_7TimeQuantum;
 CAN_Prescaler = 2;

On the other end, I use CANOE to view the transmitted messages, which is also configured to the same baud rate. But when I check the transmission status, the messages are still in the mailbox. It works in the loopback mode. What could I be missing?