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Question asked by cedric D on Apr 30, 2015
Hi everybody
I'd like to make a simple CDC to evaluate STM32CubeMx.
Here are the steps done
- select the board in STM32CubeMx > Ok
- check USB -> Device FS at the bottom (peripherals)
- chose USB -> CDC in middlewares
As I use Keil µvision 5, I select it in the Project>Settings (Alt+P)
Then I generate code and open project in µvision
I build the projet, start a debug session and run
A Com port appears in the windows device manager.
When I use hyperterminal to connect to this comport, hyperterminal opens a message box "unable to open this port"

Why I use the USB<-> RS 232 gateway example from evalboard softwares, everything is good.
STM32CubeMx and its librairies are up to date.
What are the steps I missed using STM32CubeMx?