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return time in microseconds since the board began running the current program

Question asked by rambo.john on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by Andrew Neil
hi guys! i want to measure the time in microseconds (better would be nano if possible) since my programm started running..
well i would try it via building a delta T (elapsedTime-startTime).
The whole problem is that i dont know how to measure the right way..
i tried it with TIM and counting interuppts..but when i reach a rate of 10us my whole program stucks.. maybe i should use SysTick? but how can i read the current values?

sorry iam very new to the board..used arduino before.. there was a function called micros();
but here its a lot harder;)
i need the us for measuring small capacitys..
iam using the stm32f051r8