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STM8L151F3 high failure rate

Question asked by mikhalchenko.andrey_ on Jun 16, 2016


Chip STM8L151F3U6.

Circuit = MCU + LED (work time counter) 

After manual assembly, we have 80% of the output of defective products.

Current consumption in reset from 0.1 mA to 8 mA (from sample to sample).

Power supply voltage - 3.3 V.

Dropped causes the release of low-quality product:

1. Wrong thermoprofile soldering. Not applicable -large experience of

workers, high-quality equipment.

2. ESD damage. Not applicable - the company manages and controls the

media ESD. Working in accordance with ISO 13485.

3.Fake component. It is unlikely - the purchase by

At the moment, there were two hypotheses: improper storage /

packaging supplier or fake.


What level of sensitivity to moisture in the component. According to your

response resources are not found. Documentation ECOPACK also does not

answer this question.

With all respect, Andrey.