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STM8S, how to active multiTouchs at the same time?

Question asked by he.miles on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by he.miles
Dear All,

I use  <<STM8S_TouchSensing_Lib_V2.5.0_setup.exe>> to build one testing system of STM8S RC Touchsensing. it has four "buttons" and four LEDs. for every "button", it can works well for touching. once the hand touch the "button", the corresponding LED is on. once release hand, LED is off. this is good.

But, just one LED works for multi-Touching. I am thinking how to get multi-LEDs be ON at the same time. that's to say, how to make multi-Touches work at the same time? for example, when one button is touched, one LED is ON. when two buttons are touched, two LEDs are ON. when four buttons are touched, four LEDs are ON. how can I realize this function?

During my test, I found when the hand is touching button A, the LED A is ON. don't release hand and touch another button, LED A will keep ON until the hand release from button A. before releasing the hand, any touch for other buttons is useless.

Would you have any help for this confusion? Thanks,