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Question asked by khazanskii.roman on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by khazanskii.roman
I'm still confused by HAL UART API. I'm using latest STM32Cube (4.7) for stm32f103rb.

In the latest HAL there are two files - stm32f1xx_hal_uart.c and stm32f1xx_hal_usart.c. In the UM1850 (description of STM32F1xx HAL drivers) there are two chapters - one about UART and another one about USART; they mention different functions from those two files.

So I presumed that UART should be initiated and accessed via HAL_UART_ functions and USART - via HAL_USART_ ones.

Okay. So I created a project in the Cube and enabled USART1. But for some reason, in the generated project only stm32f1xx_hal_uart.c was added and USART1 was configured with HAL_UART_Init!

Am I missing something? Maybe USART functions are deprecated and will be removed in the future releases?