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STM32CubeMX independent and dual mode for ADCs

Question asked by tereschenko.stanisla on Apr 28, 2015

I use STM32F407 MCU in combination withSTM32CubeMX. I want to configure 3 ADCs. Fisrt two i want to run in "Dual regular simultaneous mode only" without DMA the third one in independent mode with DMA. In my custom code this configuration works very well, but there is no possibility to configure it with Cube. I can't change the mode for ADC3 and get the information from the program: "*This parameter could be modified only from themaster ADC1." Is it the bug of Cube?

I also noticed another problem: if I activate ADC interrupt, the ADC_IRQHandler puts automatically "HAL_ADC_IRQHandler(&hadc)" code into it, but the default implementation is quite big and has a lot of overhead, in may case it takes too long, to execute this code. I comented it out and the code works well, but since it auto generated it regenerates every time, I make some changes in cube. Is there any possibility to disable the insertion of HAL_ADC_IRQHandler into ADC_IRQHandler?

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