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SDCC support for ST Visual Develop

Question asked by tychsen.peter_dons on Mar 29, 2016
Hello ST/Forum,

I have updated SDCC with some patches that allows it to create ELF files that are loadable in ST Visual Develop.

The only thing missing is for GDB7 (internal GDB used in Visual Develop) to recognize the SDCC ELF files that have the "DW_AT_producer" field set to "SDCC".

Could it be requested that Visual Develop be updated to recognize this?

Currently you need to hack SDCC to expose another vendor for it to work, which of course is not usable going forward.

You can test the new support in the latest SDCC nigthly build. Just build with "--out-fmt-elf" and "-g".

Apart from that most things work. The only thing that does not work is source debugging. The reason is that the "line_info" support in SDCC is not complete yet. But everything else, breakpoints, asm debugging, watches etc. works fine.