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STM324x9I-Eval + LwIP TCP Echo Client not workin

Question asked by Keaven on Apr 24, 2015
Hello everyone,  I have a project which i want to add the network capabilities .  I am using the SMT324x9I-Eval board to do my first test with the project LwIP_TCP_Echo_Client included in STM32F4Cube 1.5.0.

I am absolutely not able to get a packet from the board on my PC.
I have downloaded EchoTool application and run it on my PC.  In my project I have changed the IP destination to , my source to and put my gateway to

The link in between is a cross-over cable directly into a 2nd network card.  

I am using Wireshark to monitor the NIC and I don't see any pack going in.  Naturally, the echo tool server doesn't get any request.

Anyone has experienced with this demo application or network API on this evaluation board.