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STM8 LIN driver suit and lingen utility

Question asked by upasani.sameer on Feb 23, 2016
 We are using the LIN Driver suit V 5.1.0 from ST microelectronics. The demo project provided in that is having a lin_basic_demo.ldf and lin_basic_demo.lgn files. I was successfully able to regenerate lin_cfg.c, lin_cfg.h and lin_cfg_types.h files using the lingen utility provided in the driver suit. In my original system, I have 3 lin channels on a master device. so as per the documentation of the lingen utility, i have to create 2 ldf files. So I have copied lin_basic_demo.ldf. So now I have  lin_basic_demo_1.ldf and lin_basic_demo_2.ldf. As per LIN specs. I have added 'Channel postfix name definition'. in both the files as channel_name = "SCI1" for first ldf and "SCI2" for other. I also have changed lin_basic_demo.lgn to indicate that there are 2 instances of LIN channel as follows. //



  SCI1: "lin_config/lin_basic_demo_1.ldf";

  SCI2: "lin_config/lin_basic_demo_2.ldf"; 


Now when I try to run the lingen utility, it  hangs and do not generate the output files [lin_cfg.c, lin_cfg.h and lin_cfg_types.h]

command used

..\..\..\..\lingen\bin\win\lingen.exe master -o obj lin_config\lin_basic_demo_mlt.lgn

Sameer S. Upasani