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Possible bug in STM32Cube code generation for MDK-ARM

Question asked by khazanskii.roman on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by khazanskii.roman
I believe there is another bug in the STM32Cube. I'm using the latest version (cube 1.0 version 4.6) with target mcu stm32f103rb (although the mcu doesn't appear to be relevant).

I created a project, changed nothing, chose to generate code for  MDK-ARM 4.73  and "Add necessary library files as reference in the toolchain project configuration file". Project is generated, but doesn't compile (unfortunately I have cyrillic symbols in path to cube's repository, that's a problem of MDK-ARM, not Cube). 

So, naturally, I then go to the cube project settings and choose to "Copy all used libraries into the project directory" or "Copy only neccessary files". Project is generated but it's empty! No files are added to it.

Deleting the MDK-ARM project file doesn't help, changing MCU doesn't help. The only way - is to create new STM32Cube project and choose the correct option on first attempt.

If I create project for some other IDE (EWARM, for example), than switch to MDK-ARM - this bug doesn't occure.