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STM8L Timer Trigger

Question asked by panchal.ritesh on Dec 23, 2015
I am using STM8L051F3.
I want to use Timer-2 ch-1 & ch-2 and Timer-3 ch-1 in sequence PWM mode.
All 3 timer in PWM mode with Period of 6 ms.
But first i want to start Timer-2 ch-1 PWM. After Complition of its 1st pulse Timer-2 ch-2 PWM pulse should start. and after completion of this pulse Timer-3 ch-1 pulse should start. and after complition of this timer-2 ch-1 pulse should start.

Timer-2 ch-1 --> Timer-2 ch-2 --> Timer-3 ch-1 --> Timer-2 ch-1 --> ....

So how should i initialize both timer using driver library APIs?