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zero page ram page memory mapping on STM8S003

Question asked by simoncini.johan on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by luca
on STM8S003F3U according to datasheet there is 1024(total ram) - 513(stack) = 510 bytes for user application: 256 byte in the zero page and (510-256)= 254 in Ram section.
If use the short stack compilation option all data are automaticaly maped in the zero page space and i have an error if i use more than 256 bytes.
if i use the long stack compilation data are mapped automaticaly in the upper page: the Ram page and i have an error if use more than 254 (normal because there is the end stack overlap)
I did'nt find any cosmic compiler user guide for stm8. If i try to use pragma to force linker to set data in different space the error is : pragma misplaced ...
How is it possible to use mixed data  mapping zero page and ram page ???
thank's a lot