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SWIM sequence - recalibration after OPT Loading?

Question asked by t..alex on Nov 30, 2015

I am implementing SWIM Protocol for an own programmer.
It already works quite well with STM8S003 but I am facing difficulties with STM8L101.
I wonder why the 128 HSI-timing-pulse on SWIM entry from the STM8L is ~85us long (I would expect 64us).
I wonder if this is because the HSIT bit in SWIM_CSR is not set during reset and the hsi is not calibrated before OPT loading.
Does the STM8L trim the HSI after reset-release (which includes OPT-loading) and therefore change the SWIM-clock speed?
So do I need to recalibrate my SWIM timing after stm8 option bytes have been loaded by cpu after reset-release?
My STM8S005 show similar behaviour. The STM8S003 I have tested are older production and STM8L und STM8S005 are "fresh". I did not check the issue on new STM8S003 yet - maybe it is similar..?

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