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Cosmic compiler Error

Question asked by shah.kavita on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by sudheer nulu
      We had developed one application using STVD IDE & cosmic compiler with 8k limit, for that we have following error while compile the code.

#error clnk Release\stm8s003.lkf:1 segment .text size overflow (1358)
 The command: "clnk -l"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\32K_Compilers\CXSTM8\Lib"  -o Release\stm8s003.sm8 Release\stm8s003.lkf " has failed, the returned value is: 1
exit code=1.
    Now we have cosmic compiler with STM8_STM32_32k license.lic file which is copied into License folder & then compile the code but still we have same error as above 
so please help us & give solution.

Thank You.