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Question asked by rao.nakul on Sep 20, 2012
there have been lots of posts on dcmi. but I couldnt find what I wanted on any of them.
i have a STM3240-G eval board with ov2640 camera. I am getting pictures at 320x240. I store it in the SRAM and transfer it to SD card. till here everything is great other than the resolution. havent found a way to increase it. Now I want images in black n white. How do I do it in OV2640? Also after I store the image in SD card, sram has other data in it. So i read back the image onto the sram and then send it via UART to the PC. i am relly struggling with this read back and UART transfer. i would be really glad if someone could kindly help me out with this.
also. im lookin to use fat for the sd card. would appreciate any advice in this regard.
thanks in advance.