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I2C <---> RTC M41T11

Question asked by S.J on Sep 29, 2015
Hello togehter,

I am using a RTC-IC (M41T11, communication by I2C) in conjunction with the STM8L151 µC.
The communication is basically working so far. I ran into a case that the writting of data failed and the Timeout for the communication expired. After restarting the µC, the same problem popped up again. I checked the SDA and SDC line. SDA is held down all the time. I already tried several things( new Init of I2C module, setting SDA port to high manually, send Stop-Signal, clocking SDC), so that the line is released, but nothing worked out. Only unplugging the power supply (also from supply for I2C-IC) removes the error and the writting procedure will workd again.

I even did not find any hints in the datasheet for the M4T11 the re-init the IC.

I am also not sure, if it is a problem of the µC or the RTC-IC.

Has anybody any idea, how to act when the timeout is expired?