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STM32CubeMX@F4 Bug Report: Baudrate calculation wrong

Question asked by mk@sch on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by zhang.jianjun
I'm new to STM32CubeMX 4.7.0/ HAL F4 1.5.0. I do some evaluation at the STM32F4Disco-Board (STM32F407)
The baudrate calculation fails on USART3 @ 3 MBd/s with OVER8 enabled. fCLK is 42 MHz. It calculates 0x1C for the BRR but 0x16 (half of fraction field) is correct to achieve 3 Mbd. I corrected this by filling in 3818181 instead of 3000000 for the baudrate. This worked for me. Validated with scope after a bit of searching. It seem to be a bug in the calculation algo...