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STemWin GUI Builder buglet

Question asked by Barta.Hank on Apr 13, 2015
If a dialog is created rooted on a FrameWin, the name of the widget takes the Name attribute of the Frame Win including any embedded spaces. This results in code that looks like:

*       CreateLogin Error
WM_HWIN CreateLogin Error(void);
WM_HWIN CreateLogin Error(void) {
  WM_HWIN hWin;
  hWin = GUI_CreateDialogBox(_aDialogCreate, GUI_COUNTOF(_aDialogCreate), _cbDialog, WM_HBKWIN, 0, 0);
  return hWin;

That's not going to compile.

Incidentally, it would be really nice if this Create...() procedure was static. When  Window widgets are used as the basis for several screens, the procedure  "WM_HWIN CreateWindow(void)" is going to collide with other files at link time. It's easy enough to modify but is outside the bounds of what can be modified if one ever plans to open the file using the GUI Builder again.