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UART DMA CubeMX project

Question asked by papadopulos.kostas on Apr 12, 2015
Hello everyone.
I'm having a problem, and i dont know how i can solve this.
I'm using the example project from CubeMx that demonstrates the UART DMA Transfer.
Its name is UART_TwoBoards_ComDMA.
I'm trying to figure out how can i get the data when the buffer its not completely filled but the data reception has been completed.
I dont want to use a while loop and check for RXNE Flag.
Rx DMA buffer size is 200 bytes.
Tx will send 50 bytes of data to the UART receiver.
Since the DMA buffer is not complete i will not receive an interrupt untill the buffer will receive at least more than 150 bytes of data.
How can i receive an interrupt when the Rx finished filling data to the DMA buffer?
Thanks in advance.