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Tutorials for stm8 development using free software

Question asked by Philipp Krause on Jul 10, 2015
Recently, I updated my tutorials for using sdcc on the stm8 for sdcc 
3.5.0, fixed a few typos, and most importantly: 
New tutorials for WaveShare development boards¹², and serial I/O on the 
The total number of tutorial / hardware combinations has increased from 
4 to 13. 
As before, all tutorials can be found at: 
¹While STM provides both very cheap, simple evaluationm boards as well 
es expensive ones with lots of features, the ones by WaveShare tend to 
be more in between these two extremes, both price- and feature-wise. 
²I am in no way affiliated with WaveShare; I bought all my WaveShare 
boards at full price, unlike the STM boards (the STM8L-DISCOVERY I got 
as a gift from someone who was happy to see stm8 support in sdcc, the 
STM8/128-EVAL I got at reduced price at a liquidation sale)